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CPS Test aka Click Speed Test

CPS Test Online. Challenge yourself to measure Clicks Per Second.

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What is CPS Test?

CPS Test is short for Clicks per second Test. It calculates how many clicks you can do every second.

You can refer this test to measure the speed of your clicking. The higher is your CPS Score, the faster is your click speed. That’s why gamers commonly refer to it as click speed test or click test.

With the CPS tester, players can practice fast clicking and increase their number of clicks per second to get an advantage in games.

How is CPS Score calculated in CPS Test?

The main objective of the click speed test is to calculate your CPS score which can be simply understood as the total number of clicks divided by time in seconds.

A CPS counter records the number of times you click the mouse button in the defined clicking area. Also, it runs a timer to calculate the total number of seconds elapsed. At the end of the timer, your cps score gets calculated according to the formula below.

Click per second (CPS) = Total Number of Clicks / Total Time in seconds.

How do I check my Score?

To check your Click per second score, please follow the simple steps below.

  1. Visit CPStest.pro on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
  2. Click on the big ‘Click to Start Test’ button and to begin the Test.
  3. After the first click, the default timer of 5 seconds will start.
  4. Keep clicking the button as fast as you can until the timer ends.
  5. Your CPS score along with your speed ranking will be displayed in a popup after the test is over.

There is no limit on the number of tries so you can continue retaking the test again and again until you perfect your timing.

About CPStest.pro

Our website features an efficient and simple CPS checker. It has a big green button on which you need to click repeatedly.

Alongside the button, there are three score boxes - Clicks/second, Timer and Clicks. These boxes are updated live as you are clicking the button.

Also, there are different time modes for this click test. You can choose - 1 second, 5 seconds (default), 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 100 seconds.

Apart from calculating your clicking speed, our CPS test gives you a superhero speed rank. According to the number of clicks you do per second, you get the following rankings.

Silver Surfer: More than 12 clicks/sec
Superman: Between 8-12 clicks/sec
Flash: Between 5-8 clicks/sec
Hulk: Less than 5 clicks/sec

Benefits of CPS test (Clicks Per Second Test)

Using the CPS test has a number of benefits especially for gamers who play FPS games or PvP games.

Increased Click Speed: CPS clicker allows you practice and master faster clicking techniques such as jitter clicking, butterfly clicking and drag clicking. With enough practice and the right technique, gamers have improved their CPS upto 12 clicks per second.

Fast Response: It is important for gamers to have fast response time to any action in the game. With the high Clicks per second score, your response time gets decreased as you click faster and faster every time.

Increased Chances to Win: Whether you are playing Minecraft Pvp or Fortnite, the faster you click the better are your chances to win. So, the Clicks per second test can eventually help you win your favorite games as you can beat more and more opponents.

Techniques to Improve Clicks per Second

To increase the mouse clicking speed you can learn some advanced clicking techniques. Following are the two ways to click faster.

  • Butterfly Clicking: It’s a really simple way to click twice as fast as you do normally. Just use two fingers to click the same mouse button alternatively. That’s it! Use this technique at the CPS tracker right now and you will see a huge difference.
  • Jitter Clicking: Another technique is a little hard to do and may also lead to medical issues. So read carefully before starting. Hold your mouse with a light grip and stiff forearm. Now, place your finger on the button and start vibrating the hand through the wrist. If done correctly, you could touch as high as 12 CPS. To practice this method, take the jitter click test now.

Frequently asked Questions

What is average CPS?
An average person can click at a speed of 6-7 CPS but experienced gamers can have upto 15 CPS.

How can I get CPS faster?
To get faster at CPS test, you need to practice advanced clicking methods like jitter click, butterfly click and drag click. But, be aware that these methods may lead to health issues.

What is the fastest CPS?
The fastest clicks per second record is 14.2 which means 142 clicks were made in 10 seconds.