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Kohi Test Online. Challenge yourself to click fast

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What is Kohi Click Test ?

Kohi Click Test is the clicking test that appeared years ago on the Kohi servers for Minecraft. From the beginning Kohi clicker was very popular among gamers as they could practice their clicking skills using this test.

Especially in Minecraft Pvp modes, players are considered to be as good as fast you can click your mouse buttons. Faster clicks means faster attacks and more chances of winning.

When Kohi servers got shut down for some reasons, geeks and fans went on to make replicas of the Kohi test online so that players can continue practicing fast clicking. It also became inspiration for CPS test.

At, we have also recreated the famous Kohi Click Test with better click accuracy and more interactive results.

Apart from simply counting the number of clicks, you also get to choose the time period for which you want to click. On our website, the Kohi clicker is available in 5/10/30/60/100 seconds options.

How to check CPS with Kohi Click Test?

Follow the instructions below to find your clicks per second using our Kohi cps test.

  1. Visit and click on the Kohi Click Test button.
  2. On the webpage, you will see a big green button. Click on it to start the test.
  3. Click faster and faster until the timer stops. It is shown in the yellow colored box besides the click area.
  4. After the time is up, you will be able to see your clicks/second speed and total clicks made.

You also get your speed rank according to the clicks you make in the selected time period. Here’s what you can get.

Silver Surfer: More than 12 CPS
Superman: Between 8-12 CPS
Flash: Between 5-8 CPS
Hulk: Less than 5 CPS