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Spacebar Counter - Check Spacebar Speed Test

Count the number of times you press spacebar. How fast you can press spacebar?

You have hit the spacebar 0 times.

Your Spacebar Speed: 0 hits/second


Spacebar Counter / Test

If you want to calculate how many times can you press the spacebar button on your Keyboard in a given interval of time, the Spacebar counter aka Space bar clicker is all you need. This tool counts the number of clicks you make on the Space bar.

How does Spacebar Counter Works?

The way the space bar counter works is super easy. It counts the number of hits you make on the spacebar button.

This Space bar game is time-based, and users can select from various spacebar timers such as 10 second counter, 30 second counter, 60 second counter, and 100 second counter.

After the time is over, you will see your pressing speed on the screen. If you are unhappy with your score, you can restart the game any number of times.

How do I use the Space bar clicker?

  • Hit the start button to activate the clicker.
  • A countdown timer on the screen starts counting from 10 seconds.
  • During this time you have to Starts pressing the space bar as fast as you can.
  • After the time is over you will see your Spacebar click Speed in the form of hits/second
  • In order to reset the Spacebar test, all you need to do is to click the 'reset button'