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Right Click CPS Test

Use Right click test to check your right click cps. Start the test by right clicking on the green button.

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What is the Right Click CPS Test?

The right click cps test counts the number of times you press the right-click button on your mouse in 10 seconds. The Right click speed test also calculates your clicks per second speed and gives you a rank according to how fast you click the right-click button.

This test works exactly like the original CPS test but counts the right mouse button clicks instead of the left mouse button clicks. 

How to test Right Click CPS?

  1. Visit and open the Right Click CPS test from the menu.
  2. To start the test, click the Green button on the screen using the Right mouse button (RMB). 
  3. After your first click, the timer will start.
  4. Continue clicking with RMB. Your score will update after every click. The counter does not increase if you click the left button.
  5. After the timer ends, your superhero rank and the final right click CPS will be displayed.

Increasing Right Mouse Button CPS

Generally, most players are used to clicking the left mouse button (LMB) and have a good CPS. But, when it comes to right-click CPS, the speed is comparatively lesser. In order to increase your CPS on right click tester, follow the tips below.

  • Use the index finger to click the right button instead of the middle finger. Your CPS will increase automatically.
  • Practice more for clicking the right mouse button faster.
  • Try to learn methods like jitter clicking, drag clicking, and butterfly clicking with the RMB.

FAQs about CPS Test (Right Click)

What is the average CPS for Right Click?

According to our users, the average right click CPS is 11.2 clicks per second. 

Why Right CPS is lower than the Left CPS?

Most gamers are habitual of pressing the left click faster than the right click button. That’s why right CPS is lower than left CPS initially, but it can be increased with practice.